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Rated Excellent from 17 reviews
Ventwerx is a San Jose HVAC company that provides all-around service for any HVAC needs you may have. We specialize in furnace repair, AC repair, and installation of new Carrier products for heating and cooling. We also have services for home energy, attic insulation, and professional air duct cleaning services. We also offer routine maintenance so you can rest easy knowing your HVAC system is in tip-top shape. Ventwerx exists to serve customers and help them achieve an ideal interior climate for their houses and buildings.
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Phone Number (408) 422-2987
City San Jose, CA
Zip Code 95122
Address 2925 Bradbury Dr
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Products and Services
Invest in the right air conditioning system by working only with trusted experts. At Ventwerx, we offer top-of-the-line, all-in solutions that allow you to enjoy a full range of services including full range of HVAC services from cleaning, repair, replacement, and installation of high quality Carrier products.
Yes, we provide more than just cooling and heating services - we employ a complete strategy tailored to suit your preferences, the size and layout of your property, your lifestyle and your budget.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 17 reviews
  Testimonial by Brandon Macchi
We moved into our new place and after searching for a company to overhaul our AC system, we chose Ventwerx. Their attention to detail and responsiveness during the project was phenomenal. I highly recommend Angel and team.
  Testimonial by Ruthann Walker
This is the company you've been looking for. Angel runs the company. George, Michael, Beto and Bulmaro "Bull" are the great workers. I had a new furnace and air conditioner replaced on 11/21 after being told my furnace was too old for repair (almost 30 years old) and my ducts all needed to be replaced (28-40 years old). There were 15 ducts replaced. They did a spectacular job. They even had to swap out the furnace for a more expensive model ($800 more) but didn't charge me because the noise level on the first one was quite loud. The replacement is much quieter and very efficient. These people are honest, hard-working and eager to please. They were SO clean. They left everything neater than when they started. If I could find a company like this for all of my house maintenance needs, I'd be thrilled. Use them! You will not regret it.
  Testimonial by Fernanda Reyes
Great, service is excellent, we hired them to service and clean the air ducts. He makes sure all the work is done throughly, this is the second time i use VentWerx and will continue using their services. Totally satisfy with their people, service and work.
  Testimonial by Patrick Clifford
Wanted to add A/C to my downstairs. I looked for and got 4 quotes. Now Angel was the first to visit, booked him via the company website had email confirmation of the request and the following day was contacted to set up a visit to review what was required. Appointment made Angel showed up bang on time left me with a ball park estimate and by the next morning I had my quote! Which was very competitive. Schedule the work and again they arrive on time and went to work, they were all very professional and polite and the work was completed quickly and the clean up was perfect. Great experience, I have found my A/C guys!
  Testimonial by Jeremy Littlejohn
Great Service. Angel is very knowledgeable and provides very detailed overview of the work. I highly recommend Ventwerx HVAC to anyone!
  Testimonial by Manuel M.
I spoke to Angel from Ventwerx and he scheduled a appointment for a vent cleanining at our home.
They confirmed the appointment time and date via email, they notified me that Michael would be the technician that will be performing the service for our home.

Michael arrived in the morning on time knocked on our door and introduced himself to us and informed us of exactly what he would be doing, and approximately how long he expected to be. Michael put on shoe covers before entering our home which we loved! Michael used tarps and plastic to cover and protect all of our possessions which greatly put my wife's mind at ease.
Mid way through the cleaning Michael noticed there were a few things wrong with some of our vents and addressed them on the spot which was very convenient for us because of our hectic schedules, it's very hard to find time for follow up appointments.
Upon completion Michael removed all of their equipment and left our house exactly the way he found it.
Great job guys! Great experience! Highly recommend Ventwerx for all of your HVAC needs.
  Testimonial by Joey L.
I was referred to this business because my heater broke down and needed servicing as soon as possible, I was not expecting same day service. George the technician came and diagnosed the problem and we were up and going in no time. Very impressed with this companies service. Would highly recommend.
  Testimonial by Liliana C.
My husband and I have nothing but great things to say about all of your personnel who recently assisted us when our furnace suddenly had to be replaced. When your team arrived to diagnose the problem and then when your advisor came and set in motion the plan to immediately install a new furnace, everything was handled professionally, their service went far and beyond and for that, you have another faithful customer
  Testimonial by Judy C.
Vent Werx is a professional company! They are prompt and ingenious in solving our cooling problems. We live in a duplex and sharing a wall is complicated but they found a way around shared walls, low attic and minimally opened walls so that you can't see the piping on the house! Fixing drywall is much easier than fixing stucco on the outside of the house. After painting the house, you don't even notice the gutter like pipes.

We are very impressed with their installation. The machine, Fujitsu, runs quietly.

The only thing we didnt like was when we referred a friend to them. Our friend set up an appointment time and they never showed up or even called! Dont know what happened, but we did not experience this.
  Testimonial by Evan K.
This review is a few years overdue, but with that comes years of experience with their work. Ventwerx removed our old attic insulation, ducts and A/C unit and installed all new ducts, blew in new insulation, and installed our new A/C unit.

Everything has been working great. About 3 years after their initial install we had a minor issue where our unit lost power. They came out, checked it out, and fixed the issue in a few charge!! Thank you Angel and team. Your workmanship shows your pride in what you do. Thanks for keeping us cool on these hot days!
  Testimonial by Trella D.
Really impressed - Micheal was spot on time, friendly, educational and thorough in the job. There are some duct cleaning services that appear cheaper but they don't actually brush out the ducts which means they are not totally getting clean and you won't discover if there are any problems. Micheal helped us uncover some problems and was really educating me to the solutions. Super experience!

And please know I had called around to a few providers to compare and FYI don't get pulled into those Groupons for discount duct cleaning - scammy is what I found from some research.
  Testimonial by Cindy G.
I just want to thank Ventwerx for coming out on such a short notice. My furnace was acting up we called them and they made sure to come out the same day, the technician George arrived in less than 30 minutes. The technician was very knowledgeable and addressed the issue and got us back to heating in no time again. The tech was also very honest!! At no point did he try to sell us a new fuenace. We really appreciate that! Also thank you for taking the time to explain the issue and how to prevent it from happening again. I highly recommend their Service! We will definitely be using them again for future needs.
  Testimonial by Kate G.
VentWerx Rocks! Great price point for getting ducts cleaned. Michael came to do what should have been routine cleaning and WOW! I don't think these puppies had ever been cleaned since construction in the 70's. Well, four hours into it and totally fixing a bad dryer ducting, all through, all done and no extra charge for the time difference! My place was spotless when he was through, too! Highly recommended!
  Testimonial by Bob W.
These guys are the best. I bought a new house with a heater installed incorrectly in the attic. Of course it fails on the coldest day of the year and the house temp drops to 50 degrees. I called many repairman in San Jose, and none even called me back. I went to the Ventwerx website, filled out my info and they came out the next morning, first thing and got it working and corrected the installation errors from the builder. I won't go anywhere else if I have a heating or AC problem in the future.
  Testimonial by Lorraine Q.
I've used HomeAdviser befor and had a great outcome. When my heater stopped working I turned to HomeAdviser. Within a few minutes I received a call from George just as I was dialing VentWerx. I made an appointment and had results within 20 minutes. George is very knowledgeable and answers all my questions to my satisfaction. I felt comfortable using VentWerx. On the day of the installation George brought a helper who was Awesome also. I would recommend this business to my friends and family.
  Testimonial by Frances L.
Customer service is excellent! Angel and his crew installed a heating and AC unit in my house about 18 months ago. Last week I called Angel because we had some water damage that I thought was coming from the AC unit. I called Angel early Friday afternoon. He came after work the very same day at 7pm and it was a Friday night!! Turns out the AC unit is working just fine. I was happy he called me back the same day but to make make a service call the same day exceeded my expectations. These guys stand behind their work and if there's ever a problem I know they will help. Thank you Angel for your professionalism and great customer service!
  Testimonial by Luis P.
Jake and Luis were on time and both of them wore booties (rainy weather) and Jake quickly did a tour of the house as Luis brought in the equipment. Jake explained all the work beforehand and an ETA of when it would be completed. Both worked efficiently and were close to their ETA. Jake went on and explained in detail about our air filters and how often they should be changed along with how often we should get our vents clean. I rarely carry cash or a check so having square to pay is so convientent. A++ and I'll be a return customer.
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