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Rated Excellent from 7 reviews
In addition to being HVAC contractors S&S Heating and Cooling is a licensed electrical contractor. In the electrical field we are able to handle any and all electrical requirements for HVAC systems, and if need be, we can establish complete electrical service on projects. We can also customize a high-efficiency HVAC system for your home, keeping you comfortable throughout the year, saving you money, and also leaving a smaller footprint on the ecosystem.
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  • Serving residential and commercial clients
  • Established in 1974 (48 years in the business)
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Phone Number (773) 539-2200
City Chicago, IL
Zip Code 60618
Address 3825 N. Elson Ave.
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Products and Services
S&S Heating and Cooling is committed to keeping you safe and comfortable in your home all year round. We're seasoned pros at service and installation of any and all residential HVAC equipment.
S&S Heating and Cooling has been installing and maintaining commercial and industrial HVAC systems across Chicagoland for the past four decades. From small neighborhood offices to towering city high-rises, S&S is available 24/7 to diagnose and repair or replace any component in your HVAC chain.
Commercial or residential, Chicago knows that electrical work is a job best left to skilled professionals. For 45 years and counting, S&S Heating and Cooling has demonstrated a tireless dedication to that skill. Our electrical contractors stand behind their work, whether they're troubleshooting for faulty wiring or doing a lighting installation. Through the years, we've continuously expanded our reach by delivering electrical solutions to a diverse range of facilities and homes throughout the Chicagoland area-all while saving you money in the process.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 7 reviews
  Testimonial by Miriam Flores
So it was 4 am on June, 23rd and I woke up due to my a/c not working and my home was so hot and humid I could not go back to sleep. I live in Logan Square and looked up HVAC companies near myself. This location was only 5-10 minutes away from me and I noticed their 24 hour emergency service. I called and their dispatcher answered and asked me a few questions and got me an appointment at 8 am in the morning! The technician named Marco was so helpful and explained exactly what was wrong with my condensing unit. He recharged my system and I haven't had a problem since! I'm so happy there are honest companies out here! My friend told me she was charged hundreds for a diagnostic once and I was afraid of the same! They are also doing service at my uncles restaurant, I would definitely recommend.
  Testimonial by Michael Nicholas
S&S truly went above and beyond all expectations to help me in a very unique situation. I was selling a home, and discovered within an hour of the buyers' final walk through, that the air conditioning had stopped working. I was in a bind and it was late in the afternoon with the closing scheduled for the next morning. The team at S&S truly came to my rescue, rearranging some scheduling to get a technician on to my location almost immediately to address the situation. The buyers were concerned, but Heather at S&S went above and beyond to provide several documents to the closing attorneys to allow the sale to happen as scheduled. Although the air conditioning problem turned out to be minor, the customer service was huge! I can't thank S&S enough!
  Testimonial by Jean C.
Our boiler went out late Saturday afternoon, and I imagine everyone here knows how hard it is to get someone out to deal with this stuff on a weekend. Our regular guy was MIA, so my contractor phoned around to businesses he's worked with, and found S&S willing to help. The technician, Brad, came out that evening, diagnosed the thermal coupling right away, fixed that, then realized that there was something more going on. He was here until 10:30 that night, and went back to the shop to check for us on a part.

He found what we needed (Gas valve) on Sunday evening and came out to finish the job. A friend, who had also worked on the boiler, was in the house and Brad never hesitated to ask him if he would like to take a look at what was done, which to my way of thinking was reassuring, not just as to the quality of the work, but as an indication that there was no leg-pulling going on.

Given the weekend and evening work, and the cost of the parts, the bill was not outrageous, and I even got a senior discount. (I believe they also discount for veterans, something I approve of as well.) I phoned the owner this afternoon to tell him how pleased I was, and I wanted to leave a good review because I think these guys are terrific.
  Testimonial by Jacob A.
I have been in the construction industry for 15 years and I know when a company cares: When I call I always speak to someone competent. When I ask a question they either get the answer to me right then or get back to me with the right information.They've helped me with multiple heating and cooling projects and I will continue to use to use them for both personal and business HVAC projects. I have had nothing but positive experiences with the team at S&S Heating and Cooling.
  Testimonial by Joseph I.
These folks are incredibly responsive, helpful and accommodating. The tech knew exactly what needed fixing and fixed it within the hour even when he had to purchase a new part. I called at 9am and by the end of the day they finished the job and my house is warm thanks to S&S.
  Testimonial by Charles W.
Had a leaking radiator that needed a fix, ASAP. Called Sunday night and had our call returned first thing Monday morning. Due to nature of our leak, they had someone at our front door by 9:30 AM. The guy who showed up (Pat?) was awesome - solved the problem in 30 minutes. He also did a checkup on all of our other radiators in the apartment and made sure everything checked out.

Price was also very reasonable.

Would recommend to anyone with heating issues.
  Testimonial by Raina P.
These guys were really great. When my heater broke down this winter they were able to come out and fix it a really reasonable rate. A lot better then what four seasons quoted. Also, the new motor they bought happened to be defective. They came back out and replaced it right away! The repair named Mark was really fast and professional. I will definitely be using them again if needed!
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