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Rated Excellent from 4 reviews
Success comes from a methodical process that in the end creates our "comfort service" standards. At Daniels HVAC and Home Services we don't take a high standard and give it away to guess work. Here are some service heating and air conditioning areas in Philadelphia for where we excel based on use of technology to save time and money for both of us:

EPA Validated, HVAC Certified & Factory Trained
These Heating and Air Conditioning certifications are no joke. There are many out there who take short cuts to keep from meeting high standards such as just one license as the lead contractor, but all the employees are just loosely trained to complete heating and air conditioning tasks. This inefficiency might save the company in Philadelphia money with cheap labor but it costs YOU time and money as they "train on your dime." We are proud that we are completely HVAC certified and factory trained in Philadelphia with every heating and air conditioning job being completed or directly supervised by a certified Heating and Air Conditioning professional.

Licensed & Bonded
Inviting someone into your home or business to perform Heating or Air conditioning service work in Philadelphia can be a little nerve racking... We help to provide that "comfort service" by proudly displaying that we are Licensed and Bonded in Philadelphia. We stand behind our heating and air conditioning work and why shouldn't we... you can't be in business for over 25 years in Philadelphia without being good at it.
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Phone Number (267) 971-3639
City Philadelphia, PA
Zip Code 19138
Address 1869 E Tulpehocken St
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Products and Services
With your heating system regularly maintained by Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia, you can expect dependability and comfort in your home or business for many years. Heater service allows for a Daniels HVAC professional in Philadelphia to inspect, adjust and advise of necessary repairs that could effect performance, safety and efficiency. Heater maintenance in Philadelphia will also include cleaning the heater unit clearing out accumulated debris, dust and contaminates that may be reducing efficiency and possibly safety hazards.

We repair, install and maintain all types of Heating systems in Philadelphia.
Central warm-air furnace
Boiler steam or hot-water system
Heat Pump Furnace
Oil Furnace
Gas Furnace
Floor, wall or pipeless furnace
Built-in electric furnace units
If you need to set up a Air Conditioning service Philadelphia plan for your home or business's cooling system, call Daniels HVAC... Our factory trained and licensed technicians can work with your current or new air conditioning system to help ensure that you get the best possible performance from your system for as long as possible. Having a regular maintenance program from Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia is simply the best way to extend the life of your air conditioning system, save money on repair costs and on your monthly utility bill as well.

Here are a few services we perform in our standard Air Conditioning Service inspection:
Inspect air conditioning motor, test amperage and inspect fan blades
Check the AC refrigerant level and pressure test for leaks
Charge your AC system as needed
Inspect AC wiring
Clean the AC condenser and evaporator coils removing debris
Flush AC condenser drain
Clean and adjust AC blower components
Inspect AC capacitors
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 4 reviews
  Testimonial by Cheryl Simpson
Courteous, Dependable and very knowledgeable about his service. I would not hesitate to recommend to my family and friends. In closing, you will not be disappointed.
  Testimonial by Amber Nelson
Talk about top notch service!! Mr. Daniels (Daniels HVAC) was professional and competent from start to finish. He went above and beyond for what I needed and not only completed my job but also provided so much knowledge for other issues I brought to his attention in my home that I had concerns about. He even took extra time to explain things and was patient through the entire process with my husband and I (because we had so many questions). I never felt rushed or pressured. I felt he was both honest and upfront. His prices were very reasonable and the job was done right!!!! He definitely has a customer for life:) 5 star service at its best!
  Testimonial by Laurence Floyd
Daniels HVAC, provided excellent, professional services. Their company came to us last summer and saved the members of a108 unit property from a miserable summer. I thank him for being there for us. The statement that they make about what one company won't do another will is true. We had a few compressors that other companies said they wouldn't work on because they were to old and Daniels HVAC brought them back to life and it was this time last year that he serviced them and there still going strong. Thank you, looking forward to working with you this summer.
  Testimonial by Charles Lawrence
Fast and professional service. The service was exceptional, that I referred Daniels HVAC to a close friend.
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