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I have spent nearly 30 years in the air conditioning field. Over the years, I've received calls from people that have told me that their systems never worked properly. They've spent A small fortune on them and it never gets any better. Now a lot of these issues are for the simple fact that there are some very poorly trained mechanics in this field and just don't know any better.

Based on percentages, the most common problems seem to be that equipment is not properly maintained or equipment is very dirty. Unless you realize or you care enough about your customers satisfaction, the customer will never have what they never had; which is an optimized up to full speed HVAC system.

Someone has to care. At Air Repair, We do! There is nothing quite like a customer whom turns into family over the course of time being happy.
Services Offered
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Cooling Services
  • Design Services
  • Heating Services
  • Industrial HVAC
  • Installation Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Repair Services
  • Systems & Equipment
  • Ventilation Services
Contact Information
Phone Number (212) 692-9253
City New York, NY
Zip Code 10017
Address 535 5th Ave
Products and Services
Cooling and heating systems can become extremely costly to own if they're not maintained in the right way. Outside of installing, servicing, and replacing any type of cooling or heating equipment you have on your premises, Air Repair will genuinely find the root of the problem and fix it. Would it surprise you if we told you that a lot of our work comes from repairing other problems created by other HVAC companies?
Air Repair provides custom maintenance programs for all types of systems. Certain systems require more maintenance than others. These agreements save time and Money to the customer and avoid potential damage which can occur if the systems are not watched and properly adjusted. Give us a call or fill out our Air Repair Help form and we will make an appointment to survey and forward a proposal to you.
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