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If you need professional assistance with the regular maintenance or urgent repair of your heating and cooling devices, you have already come to the right HVAC contractor. Before 30, when our reputable HVAC service was established, A/C Rescue has been proud of every single opportunity to serve the residents of Rockwall, TX and all the surrounding areas and take excellent care of the impeccable condition and proper operation of their appliances. Because we can understand the importance of the HVAC system for the comfort of your home, we have dedicated all our time and efforts to ensuring high-quality services at the most competitive prices.

With three decades of successful presence on the market, we have confidence in our ability to guarantee an impeccable HVAC service. Our extensive professional experience and highly reputable name of a renowned HVAC contractor are solid proof of the reliability and consistency of our business. The reward for our hard work is that we do this for you. Whenever you need licensed and insured cooling and heating professionals, our great team will be fully prepared to respond to any of the needs of our customers in Rockwall, TX and all the surrounding areas!
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Whenever you need a licensed and insured cooling and heating contractor, A/C Rescue will be the right one to call.
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Brad Thompson
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  Testimonial by Robert Reed
I have been working with this particular service for many years. The guys always respond on time and provide high-quality service in a prompt and expert manner!
  Stay Away!
by Tracy Hamilton from Weatherford, TX
Dec 02, 2015
We have Home Warranty of America and A/C Rescue is who they contracted to fix our heater. On 11/24/2015, Within about 2 minute of being in my attic, the technician that was sent out stepped through the sheet rock in my ceiling leaving about a 12"x 8" hole with runners coming off where the sheetrock had split. He came down and was very apologetic and offered to sweep up the sheetrock and insulation on the floor and then called their office to tell them what had happened. When he was done talking to them he went back up to the attic and determined that they needed to replace a faulty valve but he didn't have it in his truck and they would have to order it and then he left.

In the mean time, Julia Taylor, their representative called and was relatively unapologetic about the whole thing but said that they would cover the repairs and that these repairs usually end up costing around $200 but if it went over $200 dollars that they would work with us. I've been around sheetrocking enough to know that a $200 repair is going to consist of either doing a California patch or using furring strips to fasten the new sheetrock patch to. With the initial hole and then the runners coming off of the hole, it was too big to do a California patch and the joists were too close together to use furring strips so they were going to have to replace the whole 4'x4' section of sheetrock and I had 3 contractors come out to quote me on this repair and they all said the same thing. The lowest quote I got was $1200 and they were willing to come the next day to at least replace the section of sheetrock so we wouldn't have a hole in our living room ceiling until they could come back to tape and float and then to texture and paint to match the rest of the ceiling. And considering we were going out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, we went ahead had them replace the sheetrock so we wouldn't have insulation occasionally falling through and the potential for insects and rodents getting into our home and not to mention the 30-35 degree cold front freezing the inside of our home through the hole in our ceiling with no heater.

On 11/25/2015, my wife called A/C Rescue because I was too busy at work to handle it. She called to ask the status of the valve because the technician said that they should have it in their Ft. Worth warehouse and if so he would come back on Saturday to finish it because he'd be in the area and felt bad about leaving the job undone with putting a hole in the ceiling and we hadn't heard anything. In which case she spoke with Julia and she was, according to my wife, extremely rude and raised her voice at my wife.

On 11/27/2015, I made an attempt to call A/C rescue because I was told they would be working and I got their after-hours voicemail at noon.

On 11/30/2015, I got a hold of them and sent the invoice for $1200 and their response was that they would only cover $250.00 leaving me to pay $950.00 out of pocket for the damages their technician caused to our home and has refused to "work" with us on it as they had said. I also had to cut off verbal contact and requested everything be done over email so i would have written documentation of our conversations because the information that I was receiving was very different than the initial phone call made regarding the ceiling damage. I told them that I expected them to pay for the whole repair and which case, I was told that they would go ahead and mail out the $250.00 check without consideration to the remaining $950.00 I would be left to pay.

Also on 11/30/2015, as I was filing a complaint with Home Warranty of America, I was told that A/C Rescue had not reported that there had been any incident at our home. The HWA agent then put me on hold and called to get a status update on our case and she was told by Julia that they had the part and had scheduled a time to come out the following day to finish the repair to our heater and when asked by the HWA agent if they had informed me of this, Julia responded, "Yes." The problem with this is that they had never even made an attempt to reach out to me regarding a scheduled time nor did they even inform me that they had received the valve and were able to finish the repair to my heater.

So now, I'm out of pocket $950.00 not including the 3 days I have had to take-off from work so I could be at home for the repairs.

A/C Rescue is immoral and unethical business. They are extremely rude and unapologetic, even when they are at fault and refuse to accept responsibility. It is a shame that businesses are ran this way and are able to get away with it. Stay away from this company!

Also, the 5 star review from Julia T. on 9/20/2015 is the same Julia Taylor that I have been dealing with in their front office. So they are having their employees leaving 5 star reviews on their company. They are SHADY.

I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in addition to Home Warranty of America.
I don't recommend this business
Rude, Immoral, Unethical and Dishonest
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